Asian Vegetables

Asian Vegetables

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While bok choy is now a staple on Western grocery store shelves, other Asian vegetables remain unknown—even though they’re delicious, nutritious, and easy to grow in northern climates. 

Caroline, Stéphanie, and Patricia Ho-Yi Wang, three sisters of Cantonese descent, have made it their mission to introduce gardeners, cooks, and vegetable lovers of all flavours to wider sources of sustenance.

Organized around fifteen Asian vegetables that are presented according to the rhythm of the seasons, this lush, full-colour book offers advice on growing and harvesting organic crops intended for both weekend and commercial gardeners, along with a host of ideas to preserve and prepare them, including forty or so recipes, some of which have been developed by renowned chefs.

The Wang sisters complement the book’s practical advice by offering thoughts on Asian vegetables from a cultural point of view and sharing the importance of these foods within their own family, members of whom left China to immigrate to Madagascar before settling in Québec.

Asian Vegetables is a generous and gorgeous tribute to good food, to the land, and the importance of strong roots.